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Get Rid of That Tummy

May 19, 2017

In past many months, when I was not writing, I was just accumulating fat, a lot of fat in my belly. Finally, regards to peers, my own will and a few other factors, I decided to shed a few kilos. Being a foodie, it definitely involves control on diet and working out to get a lean figure but when it gets too much, you’re bound to do it. Lately I have been working hard to get this done and trying whatever I can.

Peer pressure plays important role in motivating you to do it. One of my wittiest friend would always tease me with that tummy. When talking about wit, it becomes a bit lousy when used unnecessarily and over-frequently. There’s a very fine line between wit and over smartness. There was a point when we were arguing about something and I got mad on him for being over smart. He, as he has done many times before, asked me to reduce my belly first – “pet kam kar apna pehle”. It was an occasion I realised that I was indeed incredibly working hard to actually reduce my belly but what was he doing to control his over use of wit.

It’s not targeted on him or anyone else, but for me too. The physical tummy is of course something that needs to be taken care of, but what about the metaphorical tummy we all carry in some way or the other. Cutting everything short, your inner self requires some work out too. Whether working out physically in the gym or not, do give it a thought on how you can be personally better and better each day.

Remember to work out. Cheers.